Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies
  • Packing options for delicate and odd-shaped items
  • Protective materials for expensive items
  • Protective materials for packing multiple small items in single box

Packing Supplies for Protection and Convenience

While we offer packing services, we realize that most people choose to pack their own things. The challenge you no doubt have with this undertaking is simply getting your hands on the right packing supplies.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

As part of our professional moving services, Viktoria Professional Movers can supply all of the essential packing materials you need at reasonable prices.

From small cardboard boxes suitable for multiple light items to wardrobe boxes complete with crossbar for hanging clothes, we can supply whatever you need. Our representative can tell you how much you need when carrying out the free on-site estimate.

This way you can have whatever you need for your move on-hand, and have the piece of mind of knowing that you can return any unused materials for a full refund!

And remember, we are always available to advise on the best packing procedures and offer packing tips gleaned from over 20 years of moving experience. It’s all part of our commitment to providing unbeatable professional moving services.

Our range of essential packing supplies includes:

  • Cardboard boxes – Available in various sizes for small and medium items.
  • Re-usable plastic bins – Strong re-usable bins for eco-friendly packing
  • Packing Peanuts – Ideal protection by filling spaces between irregular-shaped items
  • Tissue Paper – Offers excellent anti-scratch and cavity protection (glasses, statuettes)
  • Bubble Wrap – Excellent protection against bumps
  • Shrink Wrap – Used to protect furniture surfaces against scratches
  • Packing Tape – To seal cardboard boxes securely
  • Mattress covers – Special covering to protect mattresses from rips and tears in-transit

Specialty Boxes

We offer a range of specialty boxes for hard-to-pack items, including:

  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Mirror boxes
  • Deluxe artwork shippers
  • Golf bag boxes
  • Bike boxes
  • Lamp boxes
  • Ski & snow board boxes
  • Guitar boxes
  • TV boxes

For more on the range of packing materials we have available, please call us at (902) 332-3535 or toll-free at 1-877-399-1315 to talk with a moving consultant today!


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