Tips for Moving Without Breaking the Bank

Moving Without Breaking the Bank in Halifax

Today’s economy forces people into looking for economical ways to save money on many types of services. Moving to a new home is no exception. Whether moving locally in Halifax, within Nova Scotia, or across the country, you’re most likely looking for different ways to save money […]

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Tips on Purging and De-Cluttering Before Your Move

Halifax Moving Company - Viktoria Movers

When you’re preparing to move, there is no better time to de-clutter your home and purge it of all the items you no longer need or use. While a moving company can help you pack your stuff, they can’t help you decide what to keep and what […]

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5 Reasons Not to Rent Your Own Moving Truck

5 Reasons Not to Rent Your Own Moving Truck in Halifax

When moving house, it makes complete sense that you would want to do everything possible to reduce costs. Saving a few dollars is a good thing, and there is enough on your plate to worry about anyway. So, opting for residential moving truck rental and cutting down […]

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Moving Checklist


Have a move coming up? Save some time and headaches by using this handy moving checklist! One to two months before moving: Call Viktoria Professional Movers (902) 332-3535 Toll Free: 1 ( 877) 399-1315 or check out our moving estimate formfor a FREE Consultation in regards to […]

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Plastic Moving Bins vs Cardboard Boxes

Plastic Moving Bins in Halifax

Have you ever wondered why plastic moving bins have gained so much popularity as of late? Aside from being an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard products, they carry the benefits of convenience, protection, efficiency and reduced cost! Renting moving bins means eliminating the need to put together […]

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Thinking of Asking Your Friends to Help You Move? You May Want to Think Again!

Friends Helping You Move in Halifax

If you’re contemplating asking your friends or family to help you move, there are a few things you should consider first; for those of you who have made that decision in the past, you’ll probably relate to some of the points touched upon in this article. We […]

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