Moving? You Deserve Pampering!

Halifax Moving Relaxation

If there was ever a time you deserved pampering, it’s during or immediately after a relocation. To save your sanity and keep on track, spoil yourself a little bit during your move and you’ll find you’re mentally and physically better able to handle the work of moving. […]

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What Items Shouldn’t Go in the Moving Truck?

What Items Shouldn't Go In the Halifax Moving Truck?

Once upon a time, moving companies stacked everything in a horse-drawn wagon and headed wherever their client paid them to go. There were beds, chairs, chests and cabinets, just like today. But there were also items that no modern moving company is permitted to carry anymore, like […]

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5 Tips On How to Pack Your Record Collection

How to Pack Your Record Collection to take out of Halifax

There are umpteen possessions to pack when preparing to move house. But while most are easy enough to take care of and don’t cause you much worry, there are some that are as precious to you – just as much so as your kids, your wife, your […]

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Residential Moving: 5 Things You Never Thought Mattered

5 Things You Never Thought Mattered

With every move, new issues can arise. These may not necessarily be big problems, but small ones that previously never occurred to us. In some cases, it’s an inconvenience, while in other cases, it can lead to a disaster. But what are these residential moving issues you […]

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Going Above and Beyond For the New Owners of Your Home

Viktoria Movers Halifax

When moving out of your house during a residential move, the last thing on your mind is the family moving in. After all, you have enough on your own plate. You’ve already busted your buns getting moved out and you’re looking at an even bigger job moving […]

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Surviving a Change of Address

Surviving a change in address in Halifax

One of the more complex aspects of a residential move is changing your address.  Don’t think that in this digital age where everything is done online and electronically that you don’t need to let everyone know that your physical address has changed. To survive a change of […]

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