How Colour-Coding Makes Residential Moving Easier

Planning for residential moving projects can be a challenge. After all, there is so much involved. There’s the wrapping, packing and moving, and then almost just as much to do when reaching your new home and beginning unpacking. But one way to help things move more smoothly is colour-coding.

The idea is pretty straight-forward. Different colours communicate information about the items contained in certain boxes, such as their type, their location or how fragile they might be. During any move, communicating this information is pretty important, but unlike written labels, colours are easily seen and never misread.

There are a number of ways to apply a colour-code system. The most commonly used during residential moves in Halifax and elsewhere is to match items with the rooms they are destined to be placed in so everything can be transported directly from room to room. For example, if Mary’s room is coded yellow, then Mary’s possessions are placed into yellow-labeled boxes which can then be taken directly to Mary’s new room at her new home.

It’s not hard to find colour stickers, and at Viktoria Professional Movers we’re happy to provide them on request. It’s best to keep the large stickers for the boxes themselves, and use small stickers for individual items so they can be identified for packing in specified boxes.

5 Benefits For Residential Moving Projects

  1. Visualizing The Move – With everything that needs to be done during a typical residential move across Halifax, ticking off a list may not be enough to ensure accuracy. Having a colour-coded plan of your home, means you can have something visual to refer to, revealing clearly what packing has been done, and not been done.
  2. Strategic Packing – The general advice is to start packing several weeks before your moving day to lessen the pressure of the project. With a colour code, you can strategically divide the packing work over the available time. So, when residential moving, red items might be packed the first night, blue the second night, yellow over the first weekend etc.
  3. Clearer Labeling – Written labels are perfectly fine, but we all know that we recognize a colour much more easily than the written word. Having items form a specific room, or of a specific type, identified by a colour makes it easier for people to find, organize and check the packing done. It’s also important when identifying fragile items, with the bright red sticker perfect for letting movers know immediately.
  4. Better Prioritizing – This is loosely related to strategic packing, but it refers mainly to identifying specific boxes for priority attention. When residential moving, it means that items which need to unpacked and set up first can be easily located. For example, practical things like a coffee machine, some cutlery, bowls and cups, flashlights etc.
  5. Faster Unpacking – Just as the packing can be a long process, unpacking requires some time and effort too. With a colour code system, boxes can be easily linked with specific rooms and locations. So, the items can be taken to the right place immediately, with no need for searching.

Moving With Viktoria Movers

Over the years, we have customized strategies to help residential moves across Halifax (and further afield) to run as smoothly as possible. Colour-coding is one of the best tips we’ve got, removing confusion in the simplest possible away. Every moving project is unique, but in our years of experience it works really well for commercial as well as residential projects, so we strongly recommend it.

For more on our residential moving services, and how we can check out our website or call us at (902)332-3535, Toll Free on 1 (877) 399-1315, or fill out our moving estimate form for a free consultation.

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